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Hey guys, long time no see! My apologies for this, life gets nuts, as you know it.

I'm probably going to be coming back to deviantART, but in order for me to be comfortable doing that, I need to lessen my commitments here and start with a clean slate, so I'm leaving all of my groups, for starters.

I'm not sure how active the WordGirl fandom has been, but if there's still any trace of it left, I'd be happy to hand this group over to whomever would like to take command. Just send me a message and I'll make a decision. I'm eager to get all my groups off my hands, so, I'm pretty likely to hand them over to whoever shows interest right away.

If I don't hear from anyone within a week, I'll probably just leave the group. Feel free to message me with any questions and I'll get back to you when I have time!
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The Rules:

 photo adfg.jpg
TobeyxWordGirl Fans Icon by TaylorKnetterArt:icontobeylovesitplz::iconbeckylovesitplz::iconpensivetobeyplz::iconpensivewordgirlplz::iconbashfultobey:


:star:Requests are automatically accepted!

:star:You don't have to adore TobeyxWordGirl. Even if you've only mildly thought they're cute together, send us a request, we want you! Basically you just can't be against the couple.

:star:You do not have to submit art to join! We just want your membership.:)

:star:No rabid fangirls (or fanboys...0_0[Do we even have those?]) please. By rabid fangirl I mean someone who gets overly crazy about things in an unhealthy way that disturbs the people around. If I know you for being a rabid fangirl (or fanboy.... [Seriously, we have those?]) you and your art will be removed from the group. We will also block you, and remove your comments.

:star:Be nice! No fighting or trying to start fights. There is a big difference between a discussion on opposite opinions and an argument. If you come here and say negative things we will block you.

:star:We are all about ENCOURAGING other deivants to show their love for this couple, so let's try to remain positive.:)


:star:Don't worry about submitting to correct folders; I organize those myself for the time being.

:star:There is no quality control! If your deviation has been declined, it's most likely because it goes against one of the following:

:star:It must at least HAVE Tobey and WordGirl in it! They don't have to be the main object of the picture and they don't have to be portayed as a couple either. You may also sumbit pictures of either Tobey or WordGirl/Becky individually, as long as it is obviously TobeyxWordGirl. (For example: Tobey with a WordGirl doll; that is obviously TobeyxWG and thus acceptable. Just a portrait of Tobey or WordGirl will be declined unless it has some reference to the characters being associated as the group promotes.)

:star:There shall be NO mature content! It doesn't have to be G, but we don't want anything that's indecent.

:star:Sorry, no yuri/yaoi. This group is for a het couple.

:star:NO FETISH ART! (Bondage, tickling feet, sexual themes, etc- you know what I'm talking about.)

:star:Cartoon violence is acceptable depending. No blood and gore. We reserve the right to decline any deviation for whatever reason, but will always leave a comment providing an explanation for declining, so that you don't have to wonder!

:star:No hate art against other couples. Poking fun and hating are very different; this is a fanclub, not a hate club.

:star:OCs are allowed to be included in fanart, but as previously stated, the point of the picture must be Tobecky-themed.

:star:Memes/sketchdumps/whatever promoting other couples are welcome, just as long as they include Tobecky.

:star:You do not own screenshots, Pony Creator stuff, or SIMs~ they will be declined. This group focuses on art we ourselves create.

:star:Cartoon violence is okay depending. I don't want anything too vulgar in here.

:star:You will be notified if you submit art that goes against our rules. Repeated offenses will result in being blocked.

:star:If you think particular deivations should or shouldn't be accepted feel free to send me a private message about it.

:airborne: NO LOITERING.

:star:No trolling. Don't make random comments such as chain letter, bugging people about certain parts of the show, making absurd demands or asking irrelevant questions. That's all spam and will be reported as such. Do not leave negetive comments about this group on our profile page. If you have a complaint or statement send a PRIVATE NOTE and please be respectable about it!

:star:The main objective of this group is to bring people together, so keep that in mind.

I may do some future editing to the rules depending on what I think of but for now here they are and you must abide by them, okay? Any questions, we'd be happy to answer them. Thanks!

:happybounce:Have a lovely day! :heart:
Tobecky by jufasa

g by TinyPic">

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I went and made this:…
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 The season finale of WordGirl (Invasion of The Bunny Lovers) aired on April 14th and the rerun was shown today. They'll probably be showing it again soon so keep an eye out. Apparently the other new episodes like "Big and Brent", " Silence of The Whams" and others will be run later on- which is real weird but whatever. You can check out what episodes are next to be shown here:… (If the link doesn't work its on WordGirl Wiki, you just search up Season 4 from there).

 Hope you guys all had a great day today and I wish all of you a Happy Easter when it gets here!Hug 

DanileeNatsumi Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Did anyone see Tobey in “Invasion of the bunny lovers” parts one and/or two?  A friend claimed to have seen him, but I didn’t.  (I was looking for all the characters that did not appear, and was surprised when I failed to find Tobey!  That said, did anyone see Mrs. McCallister or the Mayor?)
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I must have missed this episode
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